Swedish entrepreneur and designer, Anneli Nedholm, is the woman behind the sustainable and trendy children’s wear brand, Marloe Jr. Joined by Susanna Lundgren in 2017, the MJR team creates bold, colourful and comfortable collections for children between the ages of 0 to 9.

The clothing line uses organic materials and believe it is important to leave a clean as possible world for our kids because they are our future. With MJR’s local production in Gothenburg, Sweden and minimal waste by producing per demand, the brand is very inspiring because of its ethical values with affordable prices.

Space To Show are very proud to represent Marloe Jr., and we got to know Anneli a little bit better;

Why did you decide to join Space To Show?
Space To Show is a great platform that collects designs for men, women, and children, and we at Marlo Jr. thinks that MJR and Space To Show are a perfect match.

When did you know you wanted to become a designer and what influenced you to pursue your dream?
I started designing early in life and went to a cutting and tailoring academy at 15. Ever since then I’ve been working with garments and fashion in different ways.

Where do you go for inspiration when creating a new collection?
I find inspiration everywhere. Pop culture, art, fashion and other designers.

What is your proudest moment in your career as a designer?
When Gwen Stefani’s kids Apollo, Zuma and Kingston was seen wearing MJR gear.

If you didn’t become a designer, what kind of career path would you chose?
Any other creative occupation. Hairdresser is something I always wanted to be.

Is there any fashion trends, old or new, that you would like to bring back?
I’m very fond of headgear, hats, beanies, turbans…you name it. In fact, I’m actually a hat maker by trade, so I would say the time when everyone was wearing hats.

If you were to collaborate with another brand, who would want to work with and why?
The Swedish brand Acne Studios would be a dream to work with. Ever since I started this brand Acne has been a big inspiration.

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