Love Powered Co founders and creators, Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood, started their brand by seeing positive effects that empowering and motivating statements were having on them. The two Toronto-based mums wanted to share the techniques for mindfulness, self-confidence, self-worth and positive thinking for children to practice.

Space To Show is proud to represent Love Powered Co, and wanted to get to know the entrepreneurial mums a little bit more;


Why did you decide to join Space To Show?
We are two mum entrepreneurs on a mission! We have huge hearts and huge visions, and a deep desire to create a positive impact while we are here on this beautiful earth.

Our Mission at Love Powered Co™ is to power the next generation of mindful leaders (our littles!). To fuel them with positive self-talk, confidence, self-love and self-worth. To empower them, so they may take the torch, lead with love, and light the way for others.

We had a glorious feeling about our partnership with Space To Show from the onset, knowing that together, we can take our predominantly North American company over the global waters, and introduce Love Powered to families all across the UK. A true win-win for all.

What motivated you to start Love Powered Co?
We live in a world based on a foundation of social likes, instant gratification and an ever-growing addiction to our screens. The result? A loss of real, meaningful connection, and heightened levels of anxiety and other mood disorders – this is affecting our children in a way that we don’t yet understand. To prepare our future leaders for the world we are living in, they need to have confidence. They need to believe in themselves. They need to have an unwavering sense of self-worth.

We started looking for tools to use in our own homes, to empower or children with positive self-talk, to introduce mindfulness and to encourage them to know their worth and to never question their brilliance.
When we couldn’t find what we are looking for, we decided to create it. In August of 2018 we launched our baby to the world, and we care thrilled with how far we have come…yet, we are just getting started.

What has been the biggest challenge so far within the brand?
We are an open book when it comes to every aspect of our business. We have always pinky-promised to share all of our highs, and also all of the lows that are involved with the start-up life.

We were SO eager to bring our baby to the world with a bang, that we decided to hire different agencies, who quite frankly sold us the moon. We are smart women, who thought we did our due diligence, but after hiring out 3 different agencies, and spending $30k (yup, $30k!) to help us fast-track our success, the result was empty pockets, and us working harder than ever to ensure our own success. Every bit of achievement we have had to date has come from our own doing.  But there is ALWAYS a silver lining. We have learned more in this last year (WITH these expensive mistakes), than we could have ever imagined. A blessing in disguise and we wouldn’t change a thing.

What is the inspiration behind the prints and designs?
We have young children and we knew that when designing these affirmation cards, which are really introducing a big new vocabulary and new ways of thinking, that we would need to keep our littles engaged (as well as the parents).  So, we came up with the idea of characters that children could really relate to.

The inspiration really evolved over time. We looked at a million + books, read every blog and website on mindfulness in the home, affirmation cards for kids, books, popular books, popular characters, etc. We scoured the internet spending hours on pinterest and etsy,

Our Love Powered Littles are Rosie the Bunny, Oliver the Mouse & Zoë our Love Bug…but they didn’t start that way. At first we had illustrators design human characters based on our kids, but we had feedback that to be more inclusive to various global markets, we should look into animal characters.

Before Oliver was a mouse, he was a bear….thinking back to all of this, we have a huge smiles across our faces (so much nostalgia!).

In the end, after interviewing and test-piloting different illustrators from around the globe, we found our perfect match, a soul sister, a mama and art teacher from the US, and the most wonderful illustrator we could have wished for. She took all of the ideas from our minds and created exactly what we were looking for.


On your website, you explain your brand as more than a product, but also a movement. What is your end goal in this movement?
We envision a mainstream shift, with millions of families around the world practicing positive I AM affirmations daily, connecting on a deeper level and raising the level of self-worth and self- confidence in our children, and ourselves.  And instead of just wishing for things to be different, we decided to create something that could/would and does support the change we want to see in the world.

Although we do have specific 5, 10, 20 year goals for this company, there really is no ‘end goal’ in sight. We feel so passionately about spreading love & light and introducing the power of positive self-talk to families across the globe, that there will be no stopping us. Our company will evolve, we will shift and change as we grow, but there is no ‘end goal’ for us.

And last question, if you were to collaborate with another brand, who would you want to work with and why?
We absolutely adore what Lady Gaga is doing with her Born This Way Foundation.  They are committed to supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world.
We feel so aligned with what they are doing, and hope to collaborate with them in the near future.


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