19 Top Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2018

Fashion Bloggers. We love to hate their seemingly breezy lifestyle of parading around alleyways in this seasons best finds. Whether it’s an NYC winter, a summer in Santorini or an autumn in London, Fashion Bloggers know where the camera (and well rehearsed poses) work the best.

So, if you were to jump on Instagram right now hoping to find some fresh inspiration for your seasonal wardrobe, where would you start? We’ve taken the grunt work out for you (and a sore right thumb) to put together a list of the 19 Most Important Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018.

Cameras ready?

Nadia Fairfax (@nadiafairfax)

This young, fresh and outspoken pixie-like girl is fun, fierce and knows her fashion. She’s press royalty in Australia (her family owns the largest print and media outlet in the country) so she’s not shy of the camera or passing through a cheeky comment. You’ll envy her seemingly-daily appearances at boozy lunches, spring racing events, and launch parties.

nadia f

Aimee Song (@SongofStyle)

Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 for the Arts & Style category in 2016, Aimee’s blog is nothing short of beautiful. Coming from a background of interior design, her instagram is polished, put together, but also a little fun. Follow for travel inspo, interior design and gorgeous clothes.

Rocky Barnes (@Rocky_Barnes)

Rocky is wild in the best way. She powerful, confident and lives an unashamedly glamorous lifestyle. Her beach locations are always enviable, her boyfriend is gorgeous (hello, double stalk) and her style is flawless. Join the 1.1M followers on her bandwagon.

Leandra Medine (@manrepeller)

Okay, this one is for some comic relief. Leandra’s sense of humor is great, and unites girls in the constant struggle of I-need-to-look-good-but-also-who-cares-what-that-guy-think-I-love-it-anyway. Wild, crazy and experimental fashion makes an appearance as she celebrates all things fashionably man repellant. Not one for the faint hearted.


Zanita Whittington (@ZanitaZanita)

Zanita is a rare blogger find in that she’s actually kind of likable, and relatable. She’s self-deprecating, not afraid to try something totally whacked (and amazingly, can pull it off) and regularly reminds her followers that she’s just like any of us. We loved when she said “I’m still wearing whatever-the-f*ck I want, and like most of my peers, I’m pretty opinionated and stubborn about what clothes go on my body because that’s part of building an identifiable style brand”

Jessie Bush (@wethepeoplestyle)

Okay, so this New Zealander come London Lass loves to travel. She can be found having petit déjuner in Paris, a Mojito in the Maldives, and Sushi in Soho. Her blog also provides great advice on travel, what to pack and wear, and some great suggestions for everything from the best coffee in a strange land to the perfect LBD.

Jasmin Howell (@friendInFashion)

With the tagline ‘Chanel in one hand. Passport in the other’ It’s not hard to gather pretty quickly what this lush-life-lived gal is all about. She travels in style, wears amazing clothes from both designer brands and the high street, and zooms around (or is perhaps chauffeured) in big black shiny cars. She’s glam in every sense.


Amanda Shadforth (@OracleFox)

Minimal, understated, elegant and effortless are the trademarks of Amanda’s Instagram. As one of the main characters in the recent Aussie television show ‘Fashion Bloggers’, she has character, drive and maturity. Her Journal online exhibits some amazing fashion photography, including collaborations with Louis Vuitton, YSL, Versace, Viktor & Rolf and Ralph Lauren.

Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit)

This. Woman. Has. Sass. There’s no other way to put it. From cat-eye classes, to collabs with Chloé and Swarovski, to attending Balmains runway show each season, she’s in the know, in the circle and very much an icon in LA and New York.

Joey London (@joeylondonstyle)

This one’s for the guys. Okay, maybe for the girls too. Joey is charming and super stylish, often opting for close-ups of his enviable quiff hairdo and designer glasses. He travels, he wears a mixture of labels and price-points, and he has some mad tattoos to top it off. Worth the follow.

Margaret Zhang (@margaret__zhang)

Celebrated the world-over for her Instagram cred, Maragret Zhang has very quickly risen through the ranks to become a celebrity in her own right. Starting as a law student in Australia, Zhang drew on her creativity and talent to produce amazing editorial images for her blog, including many of her ridiculous brunch-spreads across the world. Now, she travels across the world, takes photos and… travels across the world. Constantly. Can we trade?

marghaet zhang

Pernille Teisbaek (@pernilleteisbaek)

Listed as a top ticket item for the Scandi-cool Masterclass event with Net-A-Porter, this Danish deity knows how to keep things chic by celebrating the understated. Her classic and tailored style gives us all something to think about in terms of simplifying our wardrobes. Oh, and did we mention she’s a young mum too? Winning!

Charlotte Groeneveld (@thefashionguitar)

She’s sweet as sugar and has the fairy-floss hair to match. This young mum is an absolute dynamo, travelling across the globe to grace the front row on runways, whilst getting snapped along the way wearing Valentino, Dior and Nina Ricci. If you’re wondering what goes on at New York fashion week, take a peek.

Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere)

Parisian in London. European Style meets Urban Cool. What more could you want? Camille’s instagram fuses old and new worlds in a fun, funky and ever-changing mood board that features her, friends, beautiful photography and mundane life moments all at the same time.

Ari Seth Cohen (@advancedstyle)

This one’s a heart warmer and a kick up the butt all at once. Advanced Style demonstrates that style transcends generations and knows no age restrictions. Feast your eyes on these fabulous, colorful and vibrant over 50’s who probably have more confidence than all of us combined.

Krystal Bick (@krystal_bick)

Think New York chic epitomized. In her own words, she has a penchant for ‘midi-length dresses, a classic Manolo pump and whiskey neat’. Sounds good to us! Watch this space – she’s off to Melbourne next where she’s sure to shake up the style scene.

krystal bick

Rach Parcell (@rachparcell)

This mumma has it all. She’s fit, wise, down-to-earth and loves playing dress up (see her family as The Incredibles). Her kitchen bench is the stuff of marble-dreams and her husband is gorgeous. It’s just basically really hard to not like Rach. You’ll see.

Olivia Lopez (@lusttforlife)

If you’re into editorial-type shoots in amazing locations, (from Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree to Shanghai) then Olivia’s insta will provide everything you need to wet your fashion appetite. She’s sophisticated and minimalistic.

Holly Titheridge (@_hollyt)

Split between New York, Melbourne and a bunch of other fashionable destinations, Holly’s pictures are composed and carefully styled. She adores all the things we too adore – bathroom accessories, Louis Vuitton shoes, and coffee. Can we just hang out, already?

holly t

If these ladies and gents don’t give you your insta fashion fix for the year – we don’t know what will. We guarantee that the variety of styles and aesthetics here will match up with at least one of your weaknesses.

So, get following and commenting. Learn from their style, covet their clothes, and take note on the most flattering poses for the next time you enlist your insta-husband for a postable pic!

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