19 Influencers You Need To Get Your Products On Now!

If you’re trying to really make it in the fashion world, you’re nothing until you’ve been seen on someone. That someone will also carry a certain aesthetic, inherent style, and a band of loyal followers. ‘Oh, she wore it? I better get one then’.

Instagram has fast become the number one app for browsing celebrities and media personalities’ personal lives, as well as that glam life we all crave. Now, a new breed of heroes has surfaced – The Influencers. They’re the people you want to be. They seem to take perfect photos, have perfect style, and live the perfect life.

Whilst we don’t believe that in the slightest, it’s still fun to peruse their pages and pretend. If your product is granted with a mention and tag on an influencer’s page, you’re guaranteed to generate more hits, get more followers and hopefully, sell more products.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 2018’s Top Influencers who you need to get wearing your products in order to grow your brand. They range from the über-famous to the new starters. Choose your poison – but beware – some can set hefty fees for the pleasure.

Lauryn Bosstick (@TheSkinnyConfidential)



Her: sassy, strong and sociable. She often organizes meet-ups in NYC where you can tag along and meet her. Could be a good business op.

Best products: sunglasses, jewellery, handbags and accessories.


Lara Worthington (@laraworthington)



Her: entrepreneurial, old school sexy and straight-up. She’s also married to Hollywood actor Sam Worthington, which means she travels in very powerful circles.

Best products: skincare, perfumes, independent artworks, events.

Janelle Marie Lloyd (@waityouneedthis)



Her: smiley, upbeat and drop dead gorgeous. She’s one for a photo narrative which is refreshing and honest.

Best products: high street and ready-to-wear clothing lines, makeup, and interiors.

Korin Avraham (@yasalamfashionblog)



Her: Art-house, understated, avant-garde and editorial. Her feed will capture your imagination and inspire you all at once.

Best products: shoes, cosmetics, travel wares and luggage.


Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala)



Her: Cheeky, young, fresh and ridiculously luxurious. She attends a lot of fashion shows and festivals and is often endowed with a front row seat.

Best products: high fashion, hotels and accommodation, handbags.

Sandra Hagelstam (@5inchandup)



Her: clean, simple and well polished. This one’s a seasoned influencer and knows how to capture her audience’s wishes.

Best products: swimwear, shoes, travel products.

Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferrangi)



Her: she’s been dubbed as the ‘next big thing’ time and time again – so definitely one to watch. This sultry Italian is bold, fun and has her own clothing line.

Best products: loud novelties, sunglasses, drinks, events.


Jule Sarinana (@sincerelyjules)



Her: with dewy, tanned skin and a penchant for exotic holidays, she’s one of the ones you grow envious of quickly. She also has her own clothing line which heroes luxe fabrics and clean lines.

Best products: hotels and accommodation, restaurants, luxury skincare.

Elyse Taylor (@elysetaylor)



Her: this absolute natural beauty is known worldwide for her ever-rotating appearances on Vogue, Bazaar and Marie Claire covers. She’s beachy chic and not afraid to rock a red bikini.

Best products: swimwear, cars and vehicles, perfumes.

Montana Cox (@montanacox1)



Her: the darling of Aussie fashion and runway, Montana has been the face of department stores and has regularly graced covers all over the world in high fashion shoots. She’s real and a tad artistic.

Best products: luxury and high street fashion, hair products, events.

Jessica Hart (@jesshart)



Her: this international model just seems so darn nice. She’s got a bright wide smile, lots of cool friends, and the best denim jackets.

Best products: lingerie, high profile events, publications.


Jill Wallace (@littleblackboots)



Her: Fine and fabulous, and always attending equally fine and fabulous parties. Her NYC chic translates across borders (she looks pretty good in Paris) and her website is simply divine.

Best products: denim, luxe fashion, events, travel.

Natalie Joos (@jxxsy)



Her: she’s ‘making old things new, and near things far’. If you’re not one for riddles, we think what she’s trying to say is that she loves vintage fashion, old school chivalry, and bringing the world back into perspective.

Best products: vintage fashion, food, independent art, and jewellery.

Desi Perkins (@desiperkins)



Her: if you’ve ever wanted to brush up on your posing skills, Desi is your gal (ie. See camo-clad instagrammer atop Jeep). She can make anything look good and has a large and loyal following – perfect for exposure

Best products: makeup, cosmetics, shoes, luxury cars, and sunglasses.

Gabi Gregg (@gabifresh)



Her: Gabi is loud, proud and in your face in the best way possible. She’s a champion for plus size women and has even launched her own clothing and swimwear line to better complement a woman’s shape. She also has fab hair.

Best products: plus size fashion, accessories, shoes, food.


Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat)



Her: step outta the way… she’s fierce. Her style matches her attitude and she also publicizes the fact that she does paid posts. So, if you can afford her – all power to you.

Best products: getaways and travel, handbags, shoes, events.

Julia Engel (@juliahengel)



Her: pink puffy fluffy perfection. Her feed is distinctly orange, peach and pink with soft lighting and tactile textures. She’s just so darn sweet you’ll want to teleport into the pictures and get in on the action.

Best products: novelty wares, perfume, and furniture.

Jenn Im (@imjennim)



Her: this gal is super sweet and actually looks like a porcelain doll. Her style is classic and she’s known to do collaborations with top designers across Asia. Jump on for street-style fashion and pretty places.

Best products: cosmetics and skincare, up-and-coming designer brands.


Natalie Roser (@natalie_roser)



Her: if you ever thought about what a genuine Australian beach babe was like, look no further. Bronzed, blonde salty hair, and great in a bikini, she’s got that down-under charm sorted. She’s also really smiley, which we like. Roser the Label is her brand and she rocks it right.

Best products: getaways and travel, events, skincare, drinks, adventure activities.

We hope that this list has helped you hone in some potential targets for getting your brand out there. There are also thousands of smaller scale influencers who are actively looking for brands to represent. So, if your budget doesn’t stretch this far, get scrolling to seek out some more independent bloggers in your area. Just make sure your product is well packaged, the one you want seen in posts, and that the note to go with it is personal and convincing. Good luck!

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