Innovative shopping platform championing young designers launches

Space To Show

Spring 2016 sees the launch of a highly innovative new shopping site which champions emerging fashion and lifestyle designers.  The brainchild of young business woman Lindy Staadecker, her combined experience and skills in fashion, design and business developed Space To Show to champion emerging British design.  At the same time they wanted to offer consumers the opportunity to have access to designers making one-off items and garments that are unique and individual.

Space To Show Limited is a multi-distribution and marketing platform generating opportunities for talented students and young designers in other words it is a marketplace connecting designers with a worldwide audience through a powerful marketing machine. Space To Show offers students the much sought after chance to meet with buyers, learn from industry professionals and work in an environment that enables them to start or enhance their own design-related business.

Space To Show’s aim is to create, nurture and promote both new and more established confident, self-sufficient entrepreneurs who will in turn create jobs and prospects for others in the creative industries. Young designers in both fashion and product design are often at their most creative and original before society and large corporations mould them – yet somehow at the start of their creative lives their work is often undervalued.

With this platform, Space To Show will uplift and empower these students and young entrepreneurs. The project will give them a tool to both sell and exhibit their works in an environment that creates value with no set-up cost to them and subsequently aims to set them up for positive growth and creating an income revenue stream to in turn help them fund their studies and practice their skills taught.  This ‘home’ of design will also act as a base where product and fashion designers can collaborate and be introduced to professionals working in exhibition, event management, surface design and other creative industries. Space To Show is designed and set up to exhibit, retail and aid designers to launch independent careers and build networks quickly and effectively.  Space To Show will also manage sales and the backend of the business, plus acting as the agent for their designers should they need representation.

To industry buyers, the site offers a one-stop shop of new design talent with trusted productions and delivery times from Space To Show designers.  Consumers will similarly benefit from being able to shop for unique items and enjoy the haute couture experience of buying straight off the runway.  For the industry, Space To Show aims to offer healthy competition, an alternative to traditional fashion and product buying, plus offering a positive make-over of the harsh fashion and lifestyle business, thus helping these industries grow.

Together the founders’ knowledge contributes an element of skill, of understanding the different aspects needed to make SODS a global brand, and also being able to bring exciting new products to a current stale market, solve students’ problems of debt and lack of intern positions so they can get paid for doing what they love, help small British manufacturers get busier and bring local talent and production back to the UK. 

Find us and follow the designers’ progress on Facebook at Space To Show.

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