Santorus: Meet the Designers behind the Flamboyant London Fashion Label’

We sat down with the creatives behind the very vibrant Santorus label. Meet Tara and Fabian at their beautiful Wimbledon showroom.


SODS: What made the two of you go into business together?

Fabian: Our parents are entrepreneurs and were both very positive role models. Growing up, they took us to trade shows, design warehouses as well as on business trips, so we developed a positive attitude towards creating something of our own. I was also fascinated by my sister’s unique taste in colour. I remember when she got married, I offered to help decorate, (You know, being the good brother and all!), and she told me that she wanted one wall painted orange and purple. I asked her if she was sure, but she told me to just do it (Being big sister’s orders, I had to obey!) In the end I must admit it looked amazing! Tara is the one who injects the colour into our artwork, and this has become our trademark.

Space To Show: What is your signature design?

Fabian: I have to say Elephants March, because it really reflects our influences and cultural background. We have always been inspired by our mixed Indian/Italian heritage.

Space To Show: What feelings and emotions do you experience, when you’re working on the design of a new piece?

Tara: Firstly we come up with a theme that captures our imagination, and then construct it into a narrative, becoming storytellers as well as artists. I get really excited about indulging in bright colours and bold images in making our designs extravagant. I like to have fun when designing, and I want to help women feel braver about going out of their comfort zone with clothes.

Space To Show: Do you plan your design before creating it? Or do you just go with the flow?

Fabian: Go with the flow; we start off with a theme and let our imaginations run riot.

Space To Show: What is your favourite piece from your collection and why?

Fabian: It’s the printed leather jacket. The leather is from Italy, the cut and shape are very London while the print has quite an Asian colour scheme. It’s this diversity that we strive to bring to a new era of fashion.

Space To Show: Other than the Oxford Dictionary, what’s your definition of design and art?

Fabian: Design is “self-expression”.  Art is “tapping into your personality, visual self-expression, unleashing the inner you”.

Space To Show: What’s more important with your designing, the process or the product?

Tara: We treat every stage of the process with equal importance. Yes our designs are incredibly intricate, complex but we also pride so ourselves in actively searching out the best materials to manifest the designs.

Fabian: In the end, it is what you create that matters. We don’t what we create as ‘products’ rather we regard our them as art.

Space To Show: What’s your favourite song when you are designing and why?

Fabian: I love classical music, it’s the lack of lyrics that allows your imagination to wander. I’m currently listening to Artie Shore’s Nightmare. It makes you lose your sense of reality and just take in the sound of the instruments.

Tara: Dancing On My Own by Robyn. Just because I can sing and dance along to it!

Space To Show: How do you keep on top of design trends?

Fabian: Chasing trends is not what we do. We are known for our own, unique style, and each of our designs has a story that we want to share.

Space To Show: If you were to work with a brand, who would it be and why?

Fabian: D&G, because they stay true to their roots. Their whole style is based on very traditional Sicilian roots and values. I also like Theo Fennell jewellery designs because they’re wacky, wild and out-there.

Tara: I find Kelly Wearstler (Interior Designer) really inspiring with her luxe, fun and dramatic designs.

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